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Generative AI
chains in your apps in minutes

The most simple and efficient way for your team to benefit from up-to-date AI solutions and workflows.
Bye bye boilerplate!

One-click integrations with API's powered by seamlessly takes you to the next level

Unlock Generative AI with powerful features

Cloud Prompts

Smooth collaboration between prompt engineers and developers including variable substitution and versioning

Long-Term Memory and Search for AI

Easily manage and integrate your custom data in vector databases
(e.g. chat with your data)

Swap your LLM

Power your app with integrations to the world's most powerful LLMs (e.g. GPT-3, GPT-4 or LLama2) and custom finetuned foundation models

Boilerplate includes error handling, retry strategies, reliable JSON results and data streaming

API Access

Fetch your prompts or execution results and ingest your data. Broad payload configurations you'll love

Auto Language Detection & Translation

Write your prompt in one language while your user's dynamic input can be in any language saves time and budgets

Prompt Engineering Workflow

Getting the best answers from ChatGPT and other LLMs is an art and needs multiple iterations for each prompt. EnterGPT hosts your prompt text and dynamic variables in the cloud instead of your developers code base. An integrated AI copilot helps to finetune your prompts.

Enabling your preferred LLM whisperers to finetune your prompt engineering and test out different versions.

Custom Data Integration

Foundation models like ChatGPT or LLama2 are very, very powerful and have a huge knowledge base. But they don't know anything about your custom data that you might want to apply and combine with the intelligence of those foundation models. The method to do this is called RAG (Retrieval augmented generation) and it takes some effort to realize it.

With EnterGPT you can easily apply your own custom data to the RAG process.

Boilerplate Implementation

When working with LLMs, it is not straight forward to ensure a structured json result that you can use to structurally integrate result data into your apps. You need to handle unparsable data, prompt size limitations, translations etc. with retry strategies or other complex implementations.

EnterGPT does all of this for you in the background so you don't need to take care of it.

Reasonable pricing to match your needs

Start free to get a feel for the product. Upgrade to Business for developing and testing your MVPs. Become an enterprise member once your App is sky-rocketing

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We provide a starter package for you to play around a bit.

Whats Included :
One user and one prompt template
One custom data bucket with one pdf upload
Variable substitution
Custom vector store integration
Connecting and swapping different LLM vendors
Streaming and formatted JSON results
3rd party access key management
No credit card required
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The business package allows you to get your MVP going with all features but limited amount of requests.

Whats Included :
All from Starter package
Unlimited number of prompt templates and users
Unlimited prompt text translations and API requests
/ Month & User
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Once your business gets traction

Whats Included :
All from Business package
Translation pay per use
API pay per use
Account manager
Please contact us for details

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